Subject: question: How much exercise can I give my dog with arthritis

Published: 15th May 2006
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Managing arthritis

Subject: question: How much exercise can I give my dog with arthritis

My dog has been diagnosed with arthritis what steps can i take to manage this condition. She is a 9 year old labrador who weigh 90 lbs or 45 kg, she yelps when she has to get up and can't walk very far, i am worried she is not getting enough exercise and becoming to fat.

Response: dog with arthritis

There are several types of arthritis - I will assume your dog is suffering from an age related non infectious type. One of the most important things in managing arthritis is keeping your dog in a lean body condition. Some people are amazed how much improvement there can be with some weightloss. Keep exercise gentle and avoid things like ball play that involve twisting running and jumping. Short walks often are better than long walks which can agravate the joints. Swimming can be good.

There are several dietry supplements and medications available that can help. Bomazeal Senior contains Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Shark Cartilage, Enzogenol and Deer Velvet and is an aid in the treatment of non-infectious inflammatory joint disease, traumatic arthritis, degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis in dogs. It works best if it is used daily and can be used in combination with anti-infamatory medications such as Rimadyl or Metacam. It may significantly reduce the dose of these that you need to be effective.

There are other similar products such as Sashas Blend which contain similar ingredients.Some people have great results with these products in their arthritic pets.


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